A new haute cuisine restaurant&bar
Huge - more then restaurant
Opened in Semenyak Bali in February 2022 by Alexey Frolov. Signature dishes from a variety of seafood specialities, bright interior with amazing art objects, unique food presentation using handmade and made-to-order dinnerware, Interesting laboratory of author cocktails, high-quality service and much more else.
Located in the heart of Semenyak, Huge is a project of restaurateur Alexei Frolov.

Today it is one of the most famous restaurants in Bali, notorious for its capital's glamour and menu by chef Edik Kanarian.

The famous chef has made Huge cuisine his creative laboratory. Experimenting with unique flavor combinations and European trends, he managed to elevate each dish to the height of recognized delicacies.

Special attention should be paid to the freshest seafood whose taste and presentation will take even the most experienced gourmets to a new level of gastronomic bliss.

Sophisticated social atmosphere is created by the high level of service and thought-out to details stylish interior of the Huge.
The restaurant has become a must visit for celebrities and influential people of the island, immersing them into the atmosphere of luxury and glamour of the world capitals.

Chambered space of the hookah room, professional craftsmen and a rich tobacco list plunge you into euphoria and engage you in a smoky journey, a banner with new facets of enjoyment.
Edik Kanaryan is a famous Ukrainian chef, a super-finalist of the TV project "Master Chef", a chef who is famous for his unrestrained culinary experiments and love for local products.

Edik's main approach is to treat products with care. He believes it is important to learn to appreciate and make the most of what we have "from seed to skin. Therefore, local products and gifts of nature often appear in the chef's experiments.

In search of unusual gastronomic combinations Edik Kanaryan invariably comes to stunningly delicious results, and our guests can enjoy the results of his bold and bright fantasies.

"Food has always been a manifestation of something bigger for me. I cook for people, it gives me energy and meaning to do it.

We are not better or worse than anyone else, we just like to surprise people. We live in a constant search for the point where philosophy and creativity meet»
Banquets / birthdays, weddings, corporate parties
Huge team can create an individual menu for each occasion. And will also help in the organization of music and entertainment program. Our restaurant have main hall with 80 seats; a separate lounge area with 40 seats and a openspace terrace with 20 seats.
Organization/holding of business meetings and other private events
We provide our area, create a special menu (if necessary), prepare equipment (microphones, sound, projector).
Huge Catering - full catering service.
- Individual menu selection for the event (birthdays, business, weddings)
- the best combinations of flavors from the leading chef
- accurate calculation of food, beverages and budget
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